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Doepfer A-197-3

Controller module
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The A-197-3 module is a controller module for controlling RGB LED strips.

The strip can be glued to the inner edges of the A-100P6/P9/PMS6/PMS9/PMS12 enclosures, for example, to illuminate the modules and the cabling statically or dynamically. Especially at live events, the dynamic lighting that matches the sounds is a real eye-catcher. For each of the 3 colours (red, green, blue), a manual control is available to adjust the basic brightness. In addition, there is a CV input with attenuator for each colour, so that the LED colours can be dynamically controlled by control signals from the module system. For example, 3 house curves can be used for this, which are used in the current patch. But other controls via LFO, random voltages, sequencer, midi to CV, clock, gate or trigger are also conceivable.

Here is an overview of the most important features of the module:
  • Controller module for static and dynamic control of RGB LED strips up to 1m in length (so far only this length has been tested, with an appropriately dimensioned external power supply, longer LED strips should also work)
  • Controller module for static and dynamic control of RGB LED strips up to 1m in length;
  • Manual controls for red, green and blue (small potentiometers without knobs)
  • CV inputs with attenuators for red, green and blue (small potentiometers without knobs)
  • Note: the inputs are intended for control signals, not for audio signals, no frequency-selective processing as in light organsControl LED for each colour (as the properties of the LEDs of the strip used may differ from the LEDs used in the module;Since the properties of the LEDs of the strip used may differ from those of the LEDs used in the module, the LEDs on the module should only be used for rough function control, they do not correspond exactly with the LEDs of the LED strip)
  • Power supply optionally via +12V of the power supply unit available in the housing or via an external (plug-in) power supply unit in order not to additionally load the +12V of the existing power supply unit;(the LED strips do not require a high quality power supply like the ones built into the A-100 enclosures)
  • the external +12V can optionally be supplied via a socket on the front panel (the additional power supply can be connected via a plug);(the additional power supply is then located outside the A-100 housing) or via the PCB of the module (in this case the additional power supply must be installed and wired by the customer inside the A-100 housing)
  • Current requirement with 1m RGB LED strip approx. 800 mA maximum (all 3 colours full brightness)
  • There is a recess in the upper left corner of the front panel where the connection to the LED strip is fed through. The module must therefore be mounted on the left edge of the cabinet (top left, if the possibly cut LED strip is only glued to the top edge of the cabinet - or in the second or third row, if the LED strip is glued in the form of an inverted "U" on 3 edges). On the PCB there is a 4-pole pin strip to which the LED strip supplied ex works is plugged. In addition, there is a second 4-pole pin strip with 2.54 mm pitch on the PCB to which an LED strip of a different design can be connected if required.

    The module is only suitable for LED strips with 12V supply voltage and common anode/+12V with 4-pole cable (+12V/R/G/B). A matching 4-pin socket with 30cm long wires for free wiring is included. A matching 1m long self-adhesive RGB LED strip is supplied free of charge. However, due to possible problems during installation (improper application/removal, kinking of the strip, etc.), this is not covered by the warranty, but is to be regarded as a free addition. An external 12V power supply must be ordered separately if required (with 5.5/2.5 mm plug, positive pole inside).
    • Width: 4 TE
    • Depth: 40 mm
    • Current requirement with A-100 power supply: +800 mA +12V, -20 mA -12V
    • Current requirement with external supply: +20 mA +12V, -20 mA -12V
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    Doepfer A-197-3

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