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Doepfer A-190-8

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The A-190-8 is a module designed for synchronising clock-controlled modules via Midi and USB. Typical applications are the control of sequencers (A-155), sequencer controllers (A-154), clock dividers (A-160 or A-163), trigger sequencers (A-161) and similar modules. It can also be used for resetting or synchronising LFOs (e.g. A-145, A-147, A-143-4) or for triggering waveform generators (A-140, A-141-2, A-143-1, A-143-2) with a fixed clock frequency.
  • Midi input (processes only the real-time midi commands Clock, Start, Stop and Continue)
  • USB input for midi via USB
  • Clock outputs:
  • 96: outputs the midi clock signal 1:1
  • 32: outputs the midi clock signal divided by a factor of 3
  • 16: outputs the midi clock signal divided by a factor of 6
  • 8: outputs the midi clock signal divided by a factor of 12
  • 1: generates a pulse at the beginning of each clock pulse
  • Start: generates a pulse or a gate signal at each Midi Start or Continue command, which remains high until a Midi Stop command appears (function selectable via jumper)
  • Stop: generates a pulse at each Midi Stop command
  • Reset: generates a pulse at each Midi Start command following a Midi Stop command
  • Wait control input: selectable between gate and switch function. In gate mode, the positive edge of the gate signal is used to trigger the wait state; in switch mode, the wait state is triggered by switching to ground (e.g. with a footswitch or a switch). (e.g. with a footswitch or external button, function like "Switched Trigger")
  • Wait button/control input: If the wait button is pressed (or the wait function is triggered via the control input), the clock output is stopped until the start of the next clock pulse (or in other words: the module waits with the output of the clock information until the next clock start)
  • LED displays for clock, "1" and start (the type of start display depends on the mode selected with the jumper, see above;The value for all output voltages can be selected with a jumper between +5V and +12V (for DIN Sync applications +5V must be selected)
Technical data


Clock generator / - processor
MIDI/USB to CV / Gate / Clock



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Doepfer A-190-8

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