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Doepfer A-190-2

Low Cost MIDI-to-CV/Gate Interface
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The A-190-2 module is a low-cost alternative to the MIDI CV/SYNC interface A-190-1 and can be used whenever the more advanced features of the A-190 are not needed (such as clock output, start/stop output).

A-190-2 is the module version of the proven MCV4, with some minor changes made specifically to suit the A-100 (e.g. (e.g. five separate mini-jack sockets, separate zero-balanced CV output for pitch bend in order to be able to adjust the pitch bend width, e.g. using the precision CV adder A-185-2, portamento function). With the help of 2 jumpers CV1 and Gate can be connected to the corresponding lines of the A-100 bus. In this way, the VCOs A-110 or A-111 and the envelope generator A-140 can be controlled directly via the bus without having to patch the CV and gate on the front panel.

CV1 is buffered so that several VCOs can be controlled without the need for a bus buffer (e.g. A-185-1, A-185-2).
  • Midi CV/Gate interface
  • Gate output 0/+5V
  • CV1: this voltage is derived from the incoming midi note commands (0...+5V / 5 octaves), the glide control acts on this CV output
  • CV2: this voltage is derived from the incoming midi pitch bend commands (-2.5V ... +2.5V)
  • CV3: this voltage is multiplicatively derived from the incoming midi-volume commands and the velocity value of the note command (0...+5V),
  • CV4: this voltage is derived from a freely selectable midi controller (0...+5V)
  • Midi channel, reference note für 0V CV1 and the midi controller für CV4 are set with the help of the learn button.
  • Glide controller für setting the portamento time
Technical data


12 V V
50 mA


MIDI/USB to CV / Gate / Clock


6 TE
45 mm
3 U module HE



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