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Doepfer A-187-1

Voltage Controlled DSP Effects
Module A-187-1 is a DSP-based effect module.

Four parameters of the selected digital effect are voltage controllable. The basic effect (e.g. reverb, delay, pitch shifter, equalizer) is selected with the two small buttons Effect up/down. The name of the selected effect appears in the upper line of the two-line LC display. The bottom line of the display shows the four parameters in short form. The current parameter value is roughly displayed in the form of a vertical bar to the left of the abbreviation. Each parameter can be changed manually (upper row of controls) and via an external control voltage (lower row of controls and upper row of sockets). The lower row of sockets contains the audio inputs and outputs.

Another small button (bypass) can be used to switch the selected effect on/off. The top line of the display then changes between "BYPASS" and the name of the effect selected in the background. Another effect can be preselected with the up/down buttons and the parameters can also be preset using the bar graphs. However, the effect and the set parameters only become active when leaving the bypass mode.

The module is equipped with two audio inputs and outputs each, as the DSP module used processes the signals stereo. With normal A-100 signal levels, the module works without distortion. For higher audio levels, external attenuators (e.g. A-183-1) or VCAs can be used if necessary. A ready-to-use DSP module is used, where the selection of effects and the control options are fixed. Therefore, only those effects and parameter changes can be made available that are available in the DSP module. The DSP module works with 20-bit DA and AD converters and 32 kHz sampling rate. The internal calculation of the effects is done with 24 bits. Some parameters can be adjusted in steps and some parameter changes produce noticeable artefacts.
  • Width: 18 HP
  • Connections:
  • 4x CV inputs
  • 2x audio inputs
  • 2x audio outputs
  • Available effects:
  • Equalizer 1
  • Equalizer 2
  • Equalizer 3
  • Distortion
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Reverb
  • Echo
  • Chorus/Flanger/Echo 1
  • Chorus/Flanger/Echo 2
  • Delay and Reverb 1
  • Delay and Reverb 2
  • Chorus and Delay
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Technical data


12 V V
200 mA


Distortion / Waveshaper
Delay / Echo / Hall


18 TE
60 mm
3 U module HE


Sound Editing

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