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Doepfer A-160

Clock/Trigger Divider
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Module A-160 is a frequency divider for digital clock signals (clock divider) in order to have lower frequencies available in the system (especially for controlling rhythmic processes).
  • The clock signal fed to the trigger input can come, for example, from an LFO, from the MIDI SYNC or from the MIDI CV interface (gate).
  • At the outputs, the divided clock signals (half clock frequency to 1/64 clock frequency) are available.
  • The low/high levels of the output signals are 0V and approx. +10V.
  • The A-160 also has a reset input. If a reset signal is applied to it, all outputs are set to zero and held at zero as long as the level is high.
  • The Clock Divider can especially also be operated together with the Clock Sequencer A-161 to create periodic switching sequences with a length of 1 up to max. 8.
  • The A-160 is also designed for connection to the clock and reset output of the MIDI interface A-190.
Technical data


12 V V
40 mA


Clock generator / - processor


4 TE
40 mm
3 U module HE


Clock & Trigger

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