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Doepfer A-143-2

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Module A-143-2 is a quad ADSR-type waveform generator.

The module contains four independent ADSR waveform generators. Each sub-module has attack, decay, sustain and release controls. With the 3-step range switch the desired time range can be selected (low - high - medium). The adjustable envelope times range from several minutes to a few milliseconds.

In addition, each submodule is equipped with three digital outputs (high/low): "End of Attack (EOA)", "End of Decay (EOD)" and "End of Release (EOR)". When the respective criterion is reached (e.g. end of the decay phase), the respective digital output switches to "high".
These outputs can be used, for example, to cascade several ADSRs. As soon as the corresponding criterion is met (e.g. end of the decay phase), another ADSR can be triggered with the respective output. Automatically running Hüll curves (pseudo-LFOs) and quadrature Hüll curves with cyclically running modulations of several recoupled ADSRs are also possible.
  • Width: 26 TE
  • Depth: 50 mm
  • Current consumption: +70 mA +12V, -50 mA -12V
Technical data


12 V V
70 mA


Envelope / Function Generator


26 TE
50 mm
3 U module HE



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Doepfer A-143-2

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