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Doepfer A-136

Distortion / Waveshaper
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A-136 is a distortion and wave shaping module with extensive adjustment parameters. The input signal (audio or control voltage) is first divided internally in the module into three separate signal paths, which are mixed together again at the output with adjustable amplification (positive/negative):
  • positive part with adjustable clipping threshold (also external) and gain/cut (+/-)
  • negative part with adjustable clipping threshold (also external) and gain/cut (+/-)
  • original signal with adjustable gain/cut (+/-)
By different settings of the 5 parameters, very complex waveform distortions or waveform modifications (waveshaping) are possible. waveform modifications (waveshaping) are possible. The changes range from simple hard or soft clipping to completely altered waveforms where the input signal is no longer recognisable.

Using the example of a triangle as the input signal, a few of the many possibilities are shown graphically below. Examples of use: Audio distortion (especially interesting in combination with filters), waveform manipulation for audio and control signals (LFO, ADSR, random etc.).
  • Width: 8 TE
  • Depth: 45 mm
  • Current consumption: +30 mA +12V, -10 mA -12V
Technical data


12 V V
30 mA


Distortion / Waveshaper


8 TE
45 mm
3 U module HE


Sound Editing

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