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Doepfer A-110-1 Vintage

Standard VCO
The A-110-1 (VCO) module is a voltage-controlled oscillator.

Technical notes: The A-110-1 has a sine wave oscillator as its core, from which the other three waveforms are derived (unlike, for example, the A-111-1, which is based on a triangle oscillator as its basic waveform). For this reason, the triangle and sine waveforms are not perfect, but have a kind of notch at the highest point caused by the trailing edge of the sine wave. The signal does not jump back infinitely quickly, but also needs a certain amount of time for the trailing edge. When converting the sine wave signal into triangle and sine, the mentioned notch is created. The sine signal is generated from the triangle signal with the help of a simple diode circuit and does not have a perfect sine shape, but is rather a rounded triangle.
  • The A-110-1 produces frequencies in a range of approx. 7 octaves (approx. 15Hz ... 8kHz), with four waveforms available simultaneously: Pulse, serrated, triangle and sine wave.
  • The frequency of the VCO's is determined by the position of the Range switch and Tune control and by the control voltages at the CV inputs.
  • Thus the VCO offers the possibility of frequency modulation.
  • The foot position (octave position of the lowest note) can be set in 5 steps with a selector switch.
  • The tune control is used for fine-tuning the VCO frequency and has a width of approx. +/-1 semitone (can be modified for a larger width).
  • With the pulse wave, you can adjust or modulate the pulse width manually or via control voltages (pulse width modulation).
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Technical data


12 V V
90 mA


Analog VCO


10 TE
55 mm
3 U module HE


Sound Generators



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