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Doepfer A-101-6

A-101-6 is a filter in which so-called opto-FETs are used to control the frequency. Opto-FETs are similar in design to vactrols, but use light-sensitive field-effect transistors (FETs) instead of light-sensitive resistors (LDRs). In opto-FETs, a light-sensitive FET and a light-emitting diode are accommodated in a common, light-tight housing. The advantage over vactrols is that opto-FETs are much faster than LDRs and therefore very short attacks/decays or FM effects are possible.

But no light, no shadow. A disadvantage is that a FET only behaves like a resistive resistor at low output levels. With higher modulation, the distortions increase. The A-101-6 module consists of 6 series-connected 6dB filter stages, each of which can operate as a low-pass, high-pass or one of two all-pass types. The brightness of the LEDs in the opto-FETs and thus the filter frequency can be controlled manually with the frequency control and via an external control voltage (CV) with attenuator. An LED on the front panel indicates the brightness of the LEDs in the opto-FETs. Jumpers on the PCB are used to determine which filter type the module has (the jumpers are set for low-pass ex works).
  • Width: 8 TE
  • Depth: 65 mm
  • Current consumption: +40 mA +12V, -40 mA -12V
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Technical data


12 V V
40 mA


Filter & Resonator
Chorus / Phaser / Flanger


8 TE
62 mm
3 U module HE


Sound Editing

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