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Bastl Instruments

Bastl Instruments Knit Rider

6-Voice Trigger Sequencer
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Knit Rider is a very versatile 6-voice trigger sequencer with a modern and fast workflow. There are 4 bars per pattern, each bar has 16 steps, each of which has four sub-steps, for a total of 256 steps per pattern. There are 64 patterns in total!

This way you can create very detailed patterns while maintaining the intuitiveness and speed of the classic 16 step sequencers. Navigation is via the bar buttons. Hold a particular step - the bar buttons now show you the sub-steps in that step - press the bar buttons to edit sub-steps.
  • multifunction clock, trigger and gate processor
  • 2 x inputs 1, 2
  • 5 x outputs with selectable function mode and 2 parameters
  • Outputs A,B,C process the signal from input 1
  • Output D and E process the signal from input 2, or 1 (adjustable ü. via mix control)
  • DELAYED DIVIDER Clock Divider which runs in offset to the original clock (or delay)
  • TRIGGER 2;via the mix control)
  • DELAYED DIVIDER Clock divider which runs in offset to the original clock (or delay)
  • TRIGGER 2 GATE converts an incoming pulse signal into different pulse lengths
  • FLOP DIVIDER - gate switching (gate on/off) per incoming clock signal
  • MULTIPLIER Output of "intervening" clock signals (selectable from 1-8)
  • TRIGGER REPEATER it can be set how often the incoming pulse is repeated and how fast
  • EUCLIDIAN SEQUENCER 16 steps, independent setting of sequence length and number of fills;nge and number of fills
  • CLOCK OSCILLATOR adjustable pulse width (goes up to audio range), can be used to detune input frequency
  • PROBABILITY / GROOVE Trigger signals are looped through, or not, depending on the randomness factor set. When set to GROOVE, every second clock is delayed
  • Setting Wizard - RGB LED's help to set specific values via the knobs by indicating numbers by specific colours.
  • 5V Trigger Outputs
  • Open-Source, Arduino Compatible and Re-Programmable (6-Pin FTDi Connector)
  • Handmade in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Front panel made of oak wood, handmade special knobs
  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Current supply: 5V < 30 mA
  • requires 5V bus current
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Technical data


12 V V
35 mA


Trigger & CV Sequencer


16 TE
35 mm
3 U module HE




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