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Bastl Instruments

Bastl Instruments Dynamo

Effect module
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Dynamo combines three useful functions in one module: Envelope Follower, Comparator and CV Switch. By combining envelope follower and comparator, gate signals can be extracted from the envelope of an audio signal. Additionally, a rectifier output is available, which can be used to create compressor effects.
  • two passively connected envelope follower inputs (multiple)
  • inverted and non-inverted envelope follower output
  • full-wave rectifier output (EF IN)
  • Compressor CV output with LED indicator (negative CV only if envelope is greater than threshold)
  • THR-EF output is equal to the Compressor CV output, but also outputs positive CV - but erases the compressor dynamic curve (not only the part above the threshold)
  • selectable envelope follower release time (short, mid, long)
  • Output of the envelope follower is normalized to the comparator input
  • Comparator with threshold control, threshold CV, input and output
  • Output of the comparator is normalized to the gate of the VCS
  • bi-directional CV switch (not buffered) A or B switch
  • VCS gate threshold is about 1.5 volts
  • with high peg gate the B signal is connected to A or B (with weak gate signals usually A)
  • the signal of A is inverted and normalized to B (for bi-polar VCA emulation or for waveshaping)
  • handmade in Brno, Czech Republic
  • front panel made of oak wood, handmade special knobs
  • Width: 5HP
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