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Modular Systems

Voltage Controlled Oscillation Generator

As the name suggests, modular synthesizers consist of various modules. These modules are used within a system for sound generation (VCO), control (ADSR) and sound modification (VCF). The modules are connected to each other via patch cables or switches. This is how the Moog Modular, the Roland System 100M, the E-mu Modular and many others worked. This somewhat antiquated sound generation is currently enjoying great popularity again and has therefore brought many new manufacturers onto the market: AJH Synth, Analogue Solutions, Audiodamage, Bastl Instruments, Birdkids, Blackmarket Modular, Ecowave, Erica Synths, Sound Machines, Noise Engineering, Dreadbox and many more. But also the old-established manufacturers like Doepfer, Dave Smith Instruments, Eventide, Roland and Waldorf are represented with us.