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MIDI master keyboard
M-Audio pioneered the portable MIDI controller market with the Oxygen Series keyboard controllers. With the new Oxygen Series (MKV), M-Audio continues to lead the way in this technology. In today's world of music production, your control over the digital music environment is more important than ever. It's how professionals improve their workflow and create cutting-edge, distinctive sounds. The new Oxygen Series (MKV) keyboard controllers offer innovative advances in hardware control, allowing you to create modern, trend-setting music on stage or in the studio.

The Oxygen 25 (MKV) controller has powerful features that are essential for creating and producing music, including Note Repeat (essential for beat production), full velocity control of keys and pads, eight assignable knobs for controlling effects plug-ins and virtual instruments, and an assignable

fader for mixing: together, they open up a world of precise music creation for you to create your own distinctive sound in a professional and modern way.

An arpeggiator adds excitement and movement to your music easily and quickly. The built-in arpeggiator in the Oxygen 25 (MKV) affects all the virtual instruments in your DAW that you play on the keys. When the arpeggiator is activated, the keyboard repeatedly plays the keys played in the selected sequence. The timing and rhythm of the arpeggiator is based on the keyboard's time signature, set in either the keyboard's tempo or the DAW's tempo. Each note of the arpeggio has the length that was selected in the bar division. For example, if you selected 1/4, each note in the arpeggio will be played in quarter notes. This powerful tool can be used in Latch or Momentary mode - effortlessly unleashing your creativity.

Smart Chord and Smart Scale technologies bridge the gap between your musical creativity and your final production. The Smart Chord feature helps you bring out your inner musical genius by playing complete chords with a single keystroke. And with the Smart Scale function, the Oxygen 25 (MKV) keys play out the correct notes within the selected scale. Both functions can be customized as desired and offer more than 15 different scale variations. With Smart Chord and Smart Scale technology, it's now easier than ever to unleash your unlimited creativity.

It's incredibly easy to use the Oxygen 25 (MKV) controller with any DAW. Controls such as transport, fader, pan, record arm, solo, mute, select and many more are automatically assigned to most DAWs for a smooth workflow. The Oxygen 25 (MKV) works with all major DAWs - including Ableton, Pro Tools, MPC Beats, Cubase, Logic, Studio One and many more. Simply select your DAW on the Oxygen 25 (MKV) keyboard controller and configure your DAW settings on the keyboard, and a new world of creative production awaits. The Oxygen 25 (MKV) Keyboard also includes presets for all the virtual instruments and plug-ins already included (Mini Grand and Hybrid 3). These premium plug-ins can be fully controlled by the Oxygen 25 (MKV) Keyboard Controller and used in real time as you take your music productions to a new level.

Oxygen 25 (MKV) includes everything you need to realize your full creative potential right from the start. With a choice of two professional DAWs - MPC Beats and Ableton Live Lite - you can record, sequence and mix your tracks. Also included are two incredible plug-ins, the critically acclaimed Hybrid 3 multi-oscillator synthesizer and Mini Grand-a virtual acoustic piano instrument with a wealth of highly realistic piano tones. Rounding out the software package is a collection of Expansion Packs from Akai Professional's legendary MPC Series-from hard kicks to crunchy snares, everything is included to give your production that professional polish.

Melodics is the best way to build your skills and confidence with your MIDI controller. Download Melodics to your desktop or tablet for exercises that are fun, relevant & effective, with huge variety and a learning structure where you call the shots. You'll learn with instant feedback while playing great sounding music from modern genres. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro looking to learn advanced methods, Melodics grows with your skills. The download is free and comes with 60 free lessons to get you started.

Skoove is the easiest way to improve your keyboard skills, offering comprehensive online lessons that adapt to your skill level and give you feedback. With a supervised music catalog that covers everything from current chart hits to classical music, you'll develop your repertoire at your own pace. Need a little help? Skoove's experienced musician team is available to meet with you one-on-one and answer any questions you may have. New, exclusive lessons are added every month so you can expand your repertoire with new music and improve your playing skills with new music theory tips & tricks.

  • Full-size velocity-sensitive keys
  • Preset and DAW buttons for automatically assigned instruments and plug-ins
  • Assignable faders for mixing your productions & controlling plug-in parameters
  • Smart Chord mode lets you play enharmonic or custom chord progressions
  • Smart Scale mode eliminates wrong notes to easily create the perfect song
  • Arpeggiator with controls for type, octave, gate and swing
  • 2 banks of 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with note repeat for beat production
  • Assignable controls for manipulating virtual instruments and plug-ins
  • Transport buttons for DAW control without having to reach for the mouse
  • Display provides instant parameter feedback
  • Ergonomic pitch and modulation wheels & 6.3mm sustain pedal input
  • Includes MIDI Editor software and a complete music production software package
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 49.2 x 24.4 x 9.3 cm
  • MPC Beats
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • Hybrid 3 - Multi-oscillator synthesizer
  • Mini Grand - Acoustic Piano
  • Five MPC Expansion Packs
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