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MIDI Masterkeyboards & Controller


With the introduction of the MIDI interface, the time of the big keyboard castles was over. Now keyboards or synthesizers could communicate with each other and be controlled. All essential data such as pitch, volume, dynamics or even programme changes could now be transmitted from a keyboard to other sound generators. This was the beginning not only of the era of master keyboards, but also of sound modules. Master keyboards are also used to record songs into the computer. Master keyboards with 2 octaves of mini keys are available for as little as €30. High-quality master keyboards often have 88 weighted keys and numerous controls with which functions such as layer, split, transpose etc. can be controlled. These are also used to control other devices via MIDI, such as DAWs and other music software. We carry master keyboards from Akai, Alesis, Arturia, CME, Doepfer, iCon, Kawai, Korg, M-Audio, Novation, Studiologic and others.