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Electric organs

Praise the (Jon) Lord

Whoever speaks of electronic organs today certainly does not mean the home organs that were considered the status symbols of German living rooms in the 70s and 80s. Companies like Farfisa, Wersi, Böhm or Bontempi determined the organ market at that time. In the 90s, these instruments were almost completely replaced by keyboards. Today, by electronic organs we mean instruments that have decisively shaped the sound of rock, pop and jazz music. This is primarily due to the Hammond organ, whose unmistakable sound is still frequently used live and in the studio. But since hardly anyone today wants to transport an instrument weighing more than 200 kg, there are now various clones that authentically reproduce the sound of a Hammond or a VOX organ. The sound of traditional pipe organs can now also be reproduced amazingly authentically digitally. Leading manufacturers here are Nord, Roland, Korg, Vox and of course Hammond itself.