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Kawai CA 901 W

Digital piano
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The CA901 features the Grand Feel III action with wooden keys, which provides an exceptionally realistic playing feel. The Grand Feel III keyboard's key length (from the leading edge of the key to the balance beam pin) is longer than any other digital piano keyboard. All eighty-eight black and white keys are made entirely of long wooden pieces. Like a grand piano, each key moves smoothly on a balance beam. When a key is struck, a weighted hammer moves upwards, just like the original. In addition, the 3-fold sensor system ensures optimal repetition and playing control.
The graduated weighted hammers create a real grand piano feeling. In addition, weights are incorporated into the front of each key on the Grand Feel III keyboard to provide an even better balance between pronounced fortissimo yet low-fatigue playing with perfect control in pianissimo. In addition, the Grand Feel III keyboard is equipped with a pressure point simulation that ensures perfect control when playing pianissimo.
All 88 keys of the Grand Feel III keyboard are equipped with ivory-like coverings (Ebony&Ivory Touch), which provide the player with more security and excellent playing control through a non-slip surface.
The beautiful sound of the Kawai SK-EX concert grand is at the heart of the new CA901.
You will now find it in two versions. As with the previous model as SK-EX Concert Grand and now also as SK-EX COMPETITION GRAND.

The new SK-EX COMPETITION GRAND sound has been re-sampled from the latest generation SK-EX concert grand selected for international competitions.

With multiple microphone positions, the sound of this special grand piano was captured with all its nuances and is characterised by an even more powerful tone and greater dynamics. The subsequent mixing of the various microphone positions was geared towards the player position, unlike the SK-EX Concert Grand, which sounds more like it is played from a listening position.

In order to reproduce the impressive sound of the Shigeru grand pianos as true to life as possible, Kawai has further developed the SK-EX Rendering sound generation, which features high-resolution multi-channel sampling of all 88 keys in combination with the latest resonance modelling technology. The multi-channel sampling includes the sound recorded from multiple positions of the Shigeru Kawai concert grand piano, which can reproduce a wider range of tonal characteristics, allowing for more vivid authentic sound changes during dynamic playing. This natural and expressive sound is further enriched by the use of physical modelling with newly developed resonance algorithms. The complex overall sound, composed of the strings, pedals and many other parts of an acoustic concert grand piano, gives the player the feeling of sitting in front of a real instrument.


With the TwinDrive soundboard system, Kawai has succeeded in reproducing a wide frequency spectrum directly through the soundboard. The rear soundboard is vibrated by two AURES transducers, so that no additional bass speakers are needed. The result is a dispersion behaviour like that of a real piano and the best possible acoustic reproduction of the piano sound. This system is based on the natural resonance of acoustic pianos and is therefore far superior to the operating principle of normal loudspeaker systems.

In addition to hi-end audio signal routing, digital power amplifiers and a high-quality headphone amplifier, the CA901 is equipped with 6 speakers and 360-degree diffusers for the upward-facing speakers in addition to its unique soundboard system. These specially designed components create a sound experience that distributes natural sound throughout the room, allowing listeners to hear just as the player does without sacrificing quality.

In addition to the new SK-EX rendering sound generation, the CA901 is also equipped with the popular Harmonic Imaging XL technology. This includes alternative acoustic piano sounds and a wide selection of additional sounds. For example, you will also find the special sound of the Kawai EX concert grand piano. The sounds of the middle Shigeru Kawai grand piano SK-5 and the acoustic Kawai piano K-60 give the player the opportunity to experience different sound characteristics of different grand pianos or an acoustic piano.
In addition to the acoustic piano sounds, the CA901 features an extensive selection of other new sounds, such as electric pianos, drawbar or church organ, string or even choir sounds, allowing the musician to play a very varied range of genres. Dual mode allows two different sounds (e.g. grand piano and strings) to be played simultaneously on top of each other on the keyboard, while split or four-hand mode allows the keyboard to be divided into left and right sections.

With the CA901's built-in Virtual Piano Artisan function, the sound character of the selected acoustic piano, harpsichord or electric piano sound can be easily changed via the display. For example, you can adjust the intensity of the string, damper and cabinet resonances, or the sound of the hammers falling back. You can even change the pitch and volume of individual notes and then save them to a favourite memory location.


In addition to the USB-to-host connection, the CA901 is also equipped with Bluetooth® MIDI 5.0 technology, which allows wireless communication with smart devices (e.g. smartphone or tablet). This gives you the ability to conveniently use a wide range of music-related apps such as the Kawai PianoRemote app or the PiaBookPlayer app in conjunction with your CA901 digital piano.

Or simply use the Bluetooth® Audio 5.1 interface. Simply connect your smartphone to the CA901 and enjoy all your music directly through the CA901's speaker system. This is especially recommended for play-along or listening to educational videos.

The CA901 is equipped with USB ports that not only allow you to exchange MIDI data with a connected computer. For example, you can also save data directly to a USB memory device. It is also possible to play songs of your favourite artists directly in MP3 or WAV format. You can also record your own playing in MP3 or WAV format and, for example, send it to your friends by e-mail, listen to the songs on a smartphone or PC, or burn them to CD on your PC.


The CA901 not only impresses with its many inner values. Its modern design is also an eye-catcher.
The sophisticated appearance reinterprets the classic piano design. The slim side line, the high-quality workmanship and the slowly closing key flap round off the elegant overall appearance.

Attention has also been paid to improved ergonomics. For example, the position of the pedal has been moved further back, which allows for better player ergonomics.

  • Model: CA 901 W
  • 88 keys
  • Grand Feel III wooden keyboard
  • Pressure point simulation and velocity with 3 sensors
  • Key surface: Ivory/Ebony Touch
  • New SK-EX Competition Grand Piano Sounds
  • Premium audio components
  • 96 sounds
  • 10 time signatures + 100 rhythms, tempo and volume adjustable
  • 256-voice polyphony
  • Dual mode, split mode, four-hand mode (incl. volume/balance control)
  • Various effects: 6 x Reverb, 3 x Deley, Chorus, Classic Chorus, Tremolo, Classic Tremolo, Auto Pan, Classic Auto Pan, Phaser, Rotary, Combination Effects, Amplified Effects
  • High performance 6-speaker system with 360° diffusers
  • New 3rd generation TwinDrive soundboard system with AURES transducers (CA901 only)
  • Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio Ver. 5 standards
  • "Anti-glare 5" LCD touchscreen with improved hardware and dark switching
  • Support for Kawai's latest PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps for iOS/Android
  • Flexible Virtual Piano Artisan (formerly Virtual Technician) function with 20 parameters
  • 542 integrated Burgmüller, Czerny, Beyer, Chopin Etudes and Alfred Lesson Songs with rating function
  • 205 Piano Music Songs + 39 Demosongs
  • WAV/MP3 audio recording and playback via USB memory
  • Grand Feel Pedal System: Sustain (half-pedal), Soft (half-pedal), Sostenuto
  • Extra wide music stand with leatherette overlay
  • Connections: LINE IN (3.5mm, level adjustable) LINE OUT (L/MONO, R), headphones x 2 (stereo mini-jack and 6.3mm stereo jack), USB-MIDI and USB to Device.
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Attractive design
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: 145.5 x 101 x 47 cm
  • Weight: 91.5 kg
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Triple Pedal
USB to Device


Weighted Hammer Action

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