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Kawai CA-58 B

Digital piano
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With the CA58 digital piano, KAWAI presents another new model in the CA series. Equipped with the new GrandFeel Compact wooden keyboard, 3-way sensor technology, Ivory Touch surface and pressure point simulation, it provides perfect control and maximum repetition.

The piano sounds with Harmonic Imaging XL technology and 88-key sampling are perfectly reproduced via the very well-balanced speaker system. The large display allows easy operation and access to a wide range of options. With the CA58, you can bring the sounds of world-class concert grand pianos like the Shigeru Kawai EX and the legendary Kawai EX into your home. Play these grand pianos on the first-class Grand Feel Compact wooden keyboard and experience the natural sound via the newly developed speaker system or via the new SHS headphone technology.

With its traditional design and attractive Premium Rosewood, Premium Satin Black and Premium Satin White colour options, the CA58 is the perfect purchase for any pianist in terms of performance, quality and value.
  • Keyboard: Grand Feel Compact
  • Key material: Wood
  • Key surface: Ivory Touch
  • Pressure point simulation: yes
  • Number of sensors: 3
  • Stroke response curves: Light+, Light, Normal, Heavy, Heavy+, Off (constant), User
  • Keyboard cover: yes
  • Sound system: Harmonic Imaging XL, 88-key sampling
  • Length: 42, Flugel: Shigeru Kawai EX, Kawai EX
  • Polyphony: 256 notes
  • Virtual Technician:
  • Intonation, damper resonance, damper noise, string resonance, resonance of unplucked strings, treble resonance, key-off effect (incl. key-off release), hammerrpm, hammers. (incl. Key-Off Release), hammer noise, hammer delay, flutter cover, decay time, soft pedal intensity, velocity curves (incl. 2 user curves), temperament (incl. user temperament), basic tone User Tempering), Keynote of Tempering, Stretch Tuning, User Tuning, User Key Volume, Half-Pedal Adjust, Minimum Touch
  • Keyboard Modes:
  • Dual Mode, Split Mode, Four Hands Mode (incl. Volume/Balance control)
  • Reverb: Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral
  • Effects: Mono Delay, Ping Delay, Triple Delay, Chorus, Classic Chorus, Ensemble, Tremolo, Classic Tremolo, Vibrato Tremolo, Tremolo+Amp, Auto Pan, Classic Auto Pan, Auto Pan+Amp, Phaser+Auto Pan, Phaser, Classic Phaser, Phaser+Amp, Phaser+Chorus, Rotary (1~6)
  • Tunes:
  • Equal (Piano Only), Pure (Major), Pure (Minor), Pythagorean, Meantone, Werckmeister III, Kirnberger III, Equal (Flat), Equal (Stretch), USER
  • Metronome/ Time Signatures: 10 time signatures + 100 rhythms, tempo and volume adjustable
  • Recorder: USB memory: MP3/WAV recording and playback, A-B loop; Internal: MIDI 10 songs, 2 tracks max. 90,000 notes
  • Lesson function:
  • 542 tracks in total. Titles by Czerny, Burgmüller, Beyer, Bach, Chopin and Hanon (incl. music book); titles by Alfred without music book. Additional finger training with 4 scales (major, n.minor, b.minor, m.minor), 2 arpeggios, 2 cadenzas and 2 chords in all keys with evaluation function
  • Piano Music Songs: 29
  • Concert Magic Songs: 176
  • Demosongs: 32
  • Display: 128 x 64 pixel LC display with backlight
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth (Ver. 4.0; GATT compatible), compliant with Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI specification
  • Registrations: yes, 16 memory slots
  • USB functions:
  • Playback: MP3, WAV, SMF ; Recording: MP3, WAV ; Functions: Audio Overdub, Convert Song to Audio, Load Internal Songs, Save Internal Songs, Save SMF Song, Load Registrations, Save Registrations, Delete File, Format USB
  • Other Features:
  • Key Transpose, Song Transpose, Tone Control (incl. User EQ), Speaker Volume & Volume Control. User EQ), Speaker Volume Control, Headphone Volume Control, Line In, Line Out Volume Control, Audio Recorder Gain;Audio Recorder Gain, Tuning, Damper Hold, LCD Contrast, User Memory, Factory Default, Lower Octave Shift, Lower Pedal On/Off, Split Balance, Layer Octave Shift, Layer Dynamics, Dual Balance, MIDI Channel, Send PGM#, Local Control, Transmit PGM#, Multi Timbral Mode, Channel Mute, Auto Power Off
  • Sound System: 2 x 13cm in separate box + 2 x 8x12cm TopSpeaker
  • Power: 2 x 50W
  • Power input: 45W
  • Pedals: Grand Feel Pedal System: sustain (half-pedal capable), soft, sostenuto
  • Note pedal: extra wide, multi-pedal adjustable
  • Connections:
  • LINE IN (stereo mini-jack), LINE IN level adjustable, LINE OUT (L/MONO, R), LINE OUT control, headphones x 2 (stereo mini-jack and 6.3mm stereo jack), MIDI (IN/OUT), USB to Host, USB to Device
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 145.5 x 92.5 x 45.5 cm
  • Weight: 73.0 kg
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Kawai CA-58 B

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