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Wireless MIDI transmitter
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WIDI Master by CME is a Bluetooth MIDI transmitter that stands out with its unique SCA technology. SCA is a collection of highly effective algorithms that optimize WIDI Master's performance in any given situation. WIDI Master impresses with Dual Role Automation, Automatic Pairing Mode, Smart Hub functionality, low latency and range optimization.

Simply put, the WIDI Master is a virtual MIDI cable that allows instruments to be quickly connected to each other without cable age.

The WIDI Jack connector offers several cable options. This allows you to add TRS 2.5mm MIDI, TRS 3.5mm MIDI, and 6-PIN DIN MIDI devices to your wireless MIDI network. You can also switch between Type A and Type B TRS MIDI.
In addition, WIDI Jack offers an external power solution via USB-C. This allows you to add an external power bank to connect to unpowered 5-PIN MIDI ports and even MIDI IN only devices. There is a small magnet on the bottom of the WIDI Jack. So you can easily attach the WIDI Jack to the case of your device to avoid slipping.
  • 2x 5pin-DIN MIDI cable
  • suitable for CME WIDI Jack
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Wireless MIDI

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