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JustIn Klavierpedalerhöhung für Kinder

Pedal elevation
The Justin Piano Pedal Hanger for Children is perfect for giving our little pianists access to the pedals of a grand piano, upright piano or digital piano. For children who are already able to use the pedals sensibly, this playing aid makes it much easier to handle the instrument and promotes a healthy posture, as the legs are no longer dangling in the air. In addition, the installation is possible without complicated assembly. Simply place the pedal hanger in front of the pedal unit and adjust the distance of the pedal extension, done.
  • Pedal height adjustable
  • black, highly polished
  • Dimensions: 465 x 345 mm
  • max. height to pedal: 235 mm
  • max. height to footrest: 190 mm
  • min. height to pedal: 185 mm
  • min. height to pedal: 190 mm
  • . Height to pedal: 185 mm
  • min. Height of footrest: 140 mm
  • Weight: 5 kg
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Piano Pedal Increase for Children


Black High Gloss


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