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When you think of western guitars, you have the image of a dreadnought in your mind. So it's no surprise that the most famous western guitars are two dreadnoughts. The Martin D-28 and the Gibson J-45 have shaped the sound of countless hits. Other famous and traditional shapes are Gibson's Super Jumbo and Southern Jumbo, as well as Martin's OOO, OO and OM. But there are also new body shapes that have made music history, such as Taylor's Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium and Grand Symphony. The sound of guitars from Martin, Gibson and Taylor is the benchmark for guitars from other manufacturers. Whether strummed with a pick or played with the fingers, the acoustic guitar is incredibly flexible. And there are always guitarists who develop new playing techniques or push the boundaries of known playing techniques, thus providing a new approach to the acoustic guitar. Innovative guitar makers are also driving the development of the acoustic guitar. Fanned frets, additional strings (harp guitar), monitor holes (sound ports) and arm rests (bevel) provide improved playing comfort and drive the development of the acoustic guitar. At JustMusic you can find all types of acoustic guitars, whether 6-string, 12-string or baritone acoustic guitars, JustMusic has the right acoustic guitar for you.