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The ukulele is a very popular and serious small instrument. The ukulele should not be underestimated. In the hands of musicians like Israel Kamakawiwo'ole or virtuosos like Jake Shimabukurou or Taimane Gardner, the ukulele shows what is possible with it. Due to its compact size, the ukulele is extremely well suited as a travel instrument and many guitarists have a six-stringed guitar in their luggage when they are on the road. The ukulele comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The smallest ukulele is the sopranino, then comes the soprano ukulele, followed by the concert ukulele, the tenor ukulele and the baritone ukulele. The special forms of the ukulele build on the existing sizes, so the guitarlele is a 6-string tenor ukulele and the bass ukulele has the size and body of a baritone ukulele. Other well-known forms of the ukulele are, for example, banjo ukuleles or 8-string ukuleles. Ukuleles are also appearing more and more often in bands, which is why there are now also ukuleles with pickups. Ukuleles are available in every price segment, from simple instruments made of plastic to valuable ukuleles made of precious woods with prices in the four-digit range. JustMusic has a large selection of ukuleles in every shape, size and price segment. We carry well-known manufacturers such as Baton Rouge, Kala, Lanila, Makhala, Epiphone, Ortega and Martin Guitars.