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The EXP Bronze acoustic guitar strings play and sound like traditional strings. The only difference is the EXP coating, which acts like a barrier against corrosion and wear. However, this coating is only used on wound strings, as this is where most dirt builds up from hand contact and settles in the windings during everyday playing. The result: EXP coated strings sound 3 - 4 times as long as conventional stringsA pleasing side effect: the annoying side noises..... THE SQUEALING...are greatly reduced!!Round WoundThese strings, developed by D'Addario in the 1930s, made history! They were the first with a hexagonal core (80/20 bronze winding). 80/20 Bronze is an alloy consisting of 80% copper and 20% zinc. 80/20 Bronze strings have a very brilliant tone at the beginning, which develops into a soft 'mellow' sound over time. Still a popular choice for stage and studio.
  • Light
  • Material: EXP coated 80/20 bronze on hexagonal core
  • String gauge: 012-016-024-032-042-053
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