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What does "Coated" mean? The outer phosphor bronze winding is coated with an ultra-fine layer of EXP before being wound around the hexagonal carbon steel core in the traditional way. However, this coating is only used on the wound strings, as this is where most dirt is deposited in the windings by hand contact during everyday playing. The result: the EXP coating acts as a barrier against corrosion and wear. The strings sound like new and last 3-4 times as long as conventional strings. Pleasant side effect: the annoying side noises..... THE QUIET...are greatly reduced.With the development of Phosphor Bronze strings, D'Addario revolutionised the world of acoustic guitars in 1974. Phosphor Bronze is an alloy consisting of 92% copper and 8% tin with traces of lead, iron, zinc and phosphorus. These strings produce a bright, but slightly warmer sound than the 80/20 Bronze. Strings that are characterised by a clear, transparent tone and great brilliance that lasts a long time even with frequent playing.
  • Light
  • Material: EXP coated phosphor bronze on hexagonal core
  • String gauge: 012-016-024-032-042-053
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