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Ernie Ball 2027 Paradigm Beefy Slinky 11-54

String Set for Electric Guitar
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Roland Sherwood Ball, known as Ernie (1930-2004), is one of the pioneers in the development of the electric guitar into an instrument in its own right, inspiring generations of musicians to new forms of expression. In the beginning, guitarists used banjo strings, which were somewhat thicker and more elastic than conventional steel strings and allowed for innovative playing techniques. The sensationally fine Slinkys, launched in the early 1960s, were comfortable to play at the time and are Ball's legacy.
The manufacturer has been positioning itself since 2017 with the Paradigm series, which, according to the company, are the most durable and ripest strings ever made. A new winding wire, which is less prone to faults due to a special plasma treatment, is subjected to a patented "Everlast"nanotechnology after completion, which produces an improved reaction to moisture, grease (hand welding) and dirt. The sound is preserved for a long time without the alien feel of some coated strings.
The fact that Ernie Ball mean business is proven not least by their 90-day warranty promise with attached right of exchange. More information here!
  • Type: Roundwound for electric guitar
  • Thickness: 011-015-022p-030W-042W-054W
  • Paradigm Series
  • Up to 37% more stretchable and 70% more durable than conventional strings
  • Plasma-treated winding wire
  • Nano coating against hand sweat and dirt
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    Strings Electric Guitar 011
    011 - 054


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