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Now here are other strings being strung!

What would a guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele or banjo be without strings - a dead object that could not sound. Originally made from animal gut or silk, there are now a whole range of materials that are in common use. Besides nylon strings, which have long since replaced gut for classical plucked instruments, there is a wide variety of alloys that can be found on the fingerboards that mean the world. Nickel and steel are the basic building blocks, various chemical processes, adding carbon, cobalt, even gold to the material ensure a long-lasting sound and increased tensile strength. Various manufacturers, above all Elixier, cover their strings with Teflon or nylon, which protects the material from the effects of weather, dirt and hand sweat. JustMusic carries a wide range of well-known manufacturers. D'Addario, Ernie Ball, GHS, Elixier, Fender, Gibson, DR, Warwick, Thomastik, Martin, Savarez, Hannabach, Augustine, and Labella are the most important brands in our range.