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Gibson 498T "Hot Alnico Zebra

Pickup Set for Electric Guitar / Humbucker
The 498T is the "hotter version" of a vintage pickup, with a higher output and internal resistance than the 490T, producing singing lead tones with warmth and richness. The 498T has a vintage Alnico V magnet and was for many years the standard for many Les Paul Studios, Les Paul Standards and Les Paul Custom guitars as a humbucker in the bridge position. Often the combination 490R and 498T was/is chosen here. (Today, burstbucker pickups are also increasingly used...). The 498 is manufactured exclusively in the 'T' version with pole pieces slightly further apart for installation in the bridge position.Again, the 'buy' version of the 498T is a version with 4-wire connecting cable (for split/serial-parallel switching options. The 498T factory fitted to Gibson guitars is usually only fitted with a 2-wire connection.Furthermore, the pickup, if purchased 'solo', is 'waxed'. I.e. - the 'air chambers' inside the pickup have been filled with the 'wax-potting' process. (reduces microphonic feedback) 498s fitted to Gibson guitars at the factory are generally NOT 'waxed'.
  • Design: double coil, open
  • Magnet: Alnico V
  • suitable bridge position
  • right high output
  • pass resistance: 9 kOhm
  • connectors: 4
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