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Gibson 490R 'Modern Classic' Neck Gold Cover

Pickup for electric guitar / humbucker
Gibson's 490R and 490T are the modern equivalents to the classic pickups ('57 Classic, PAF). The 'R' stands for 'Rhythm' and the 'T' for 'Treble' (meaning nothing else than neck/rhythm or bridge/treble pickups).  Compared to the classic pickups, the 490s are a touch "hotter" (more high mids).The 490R and 490T are equipped with vintage Alnico magnets and have different pole screw spacing to compensate for the widening of the strings towards the bridge. The 4-core connection cable allows different switching variants (coil-split, series, parallel).    Furthermore, the pickups are "waxed", i.e. the intermediate spaces inside the pickup are equipped with 'wax-potting', whereby disturbing feedbacks (microphonic!
Border note: 490 pickups fitted to Gibson guitars at the factory generally have 'only' üa 2-core connection cable (so the split/serial/parallel switching option is NOT available). Furthermore, factory-installed pickups are usually NOT waxed.
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