The BurstBucker is a consistent further development of the '57 Classic in the direction of the original replica. This pickup has been available in Japan since 1996 and was first used on the Gary Moore Signature Les Paul for the European market. In contrast to the '57 Classics, the individual coils of the BurstBucker are not wound 100% identically and the AlNiCo II magnet of the BurstBucker has a rough, unpolished surface. True to the original, it is not inlaid in wax. The BurstBucker is offered in three output versions: #1 is "slightly underwound" with a bell-like clear sound (conceivable in the neck as well as in the bridge position), #2 is the standard pickup (works best in the bridge position together with a Burstbucker 1 in the neck position) and #3 is the hot variant with higher output (this is clearly intended for the bridge position).
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