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Dimarzio DP 103N PAF

Pickup for electric guitar
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What makes a great vintage humbucker? A low magnetic field, full tone, a perfect balance between warmth and clarity, and the ability to vary from clear to distorted sounds just by touch. There are many pickups that have some of these qualities but DiMarzio wanted to make one that had them all in one. And here it is.

Totally "redesigned" DiMarzio brings the new PAF, either in standard or F-Spacing version. Firstly, the PAF is based on the pickup Larry DiMarzio has in his '59 Les Paul, and secondly on his own patented technology. The PAF is equally good for the bridge and the neck position. Just like the humbuckers from the 50s.

Recommended for: All positions

Tech Talk: There is not "THE" humbucker from the 50s. They all have their own special variations in output and tone, which can make a huge difference sonically. Recently, DiMarzio has focused its research on making pickups with warm hös and hös rich Bäs. This combination is only found among the old humbuckers favoured by DiMarzio and it is really good for a pickup to be able to be used in both positions. It allows the bass strings in the neck position to avoid the spongy, undefined and the high strings in the bridge position to have a warm but not bouncy tone.
  • recommended for all positions
  • Cable: 1 or 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Alnico 5
  • Output mV: 250
  • DC Resistance: 7.31
  • Color: Nickel
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All positions
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