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Spare parts for guitars, basses & amps

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With spare parts for guitars, basses and amps, you can not only repair your instrument and keep it in good shape, but also protect it or give it a personal touch. With pickguards, you can not only protect the top of your guitar from wear and tear, you can also give it a personal touch with a coloured pickguard. Security locks prevent the strap from coming off the guitar and the instrument from hitting the floor. Here, too, you can enhance the look of your instrument with gold-plated security locks. The same goes for tuners, pots, bridges, bridges and tailpieces. These are also more than just spare parts. The function of the instrument can also be improved with spare parts. For example, by replacing the old tuners with tuners with a higher transmission ratio, which allow more precise tuning. Or tonal improvements, by replacing a plastic nut with a bone nut. Here you will find a large selection of spare parts for guitars, basses and amplifiers.