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Old Blood Noise E...

Old Blood Noise E... Dark Star

Pad Reverb Pedal
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Since 2014, Od Blood Noise Endeavors have stood out as an experimental boutique effects company that is always on the lookout for something special. Oklahoma Citty is home to several manufacturers, Walruss, Keeley and a few others, whose protagonists all had something to do with each other, inspired each other and at the same time are in competition with each other.
The Dark Star is a reverb pedal with three modes, pitch, delay and crush, switchable via a mini-switch. Interestingly, the control knobs are assigned extra functions depending on the mode. They each control separate pitch shifters with a range of ±1 octave in pitch mode, where the shifted sounds are then fed into the reverb engine. The dry sound remains unaffected in all three modes. In Delay mode, these controls set the delay time and feedback, and the delay comes before the reverb. Mode three is Crush, which the manual describes as a bit crusher. Knob 1 adjusts the pitch and Knob 2 reduces the sample rate - resulting in a deliberate digital distortion.
The reverberation spaces can be extended to infinity. Adding a delay before the reverb makes it even bigger. If you're into experimentation, you should try the Dark Star. However, short crisp slap delays, as surf musicians prefer, are not possible with it.
  • Type: mono, digital
  • 3 modes: Pitch, Delay, Crush
  • Controls: Crtl 1, Crtl 2, Mix, Reverb
  • Mini Switch: Mode
  • Foot switch: Hold, Bypass
  • Connectors: In, Out, EXP, Mains connection
  • Power consumption: 60mA
  • Power supply: 9V mains adapter (-) inside
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