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Maestro Agena Envelope Filter

Filter-Pedal / Auto Wah
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The Maestro Agena envelope filter pedal is designed for ease of use and tailored for optimized dynamic control. The Agena offers two different filter frequency options that can be selected via a mini-switch. The LO mode setting focuses the filter on a lower frequency range, while the HI mode emphasizes a higher frequency range. The intuitive 3-button control layout allows users to quickly set the desired sense (the sensitivity of the envelope and response to your picking attack), control the attack (how fast the filter rises or opens), and set the decay, how long the filter stays in the open position .
  • Type: analog mono
  • controls: sense, attack, decay
  • switch: Hi/ Lo
  • true bypass
  • power consumption: 26,6mA
  • power supply: 9V block or mains adapter (-) inside
  • dimensions: 128 x 88 x 64mm
  • Weight: 558g
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