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KMA Audio Machines Tyler Deluxe

Frequency splitter, FX loop/ crossover
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The Tyler DeLuxe delivers an innovative approach to pedals. Based on the original Tyler, the first in-house development from KMA, the pedal has two buffered effect paths and a clean blend mix. The unit splits the input signal into two parallel signal paths. Signal path 1 has a high pass with a subsequent switchable FX loop and a phase shifter. Signal path 2 has a low pass with a subsequent switchable FX loop. The two signal paths are combined again at the start by the mix control. Left stop delivers the pure low-pass signal, 12 o'clock a 50/50 ratio and right stop the pure high-pass signal. Finally, there is an active volume control, which is at 12 o'clock at unity gain and gives up to 14dB boost when fully turned up. The filters are active, steep-sided filters with a cut-off frequency that can be adjusted independently of each other and a drop of 12dB/octave. The advantages are a clear signal separation. The mixing of the signals is frequency linear/neutral, which means that due to the corrected phase position, there is neither an excursion nor a frequency increase, with identical cut-off frequencies, and thus one has a clean output signal. The idea behind this is to give the player the possibility to process the low and high frequencies independently of each other with different effects chains and not to get a complete overlay of both signals in the mix, as this always sounds artificial and does not deliver a natural sound, especially if one signal path remains clean.
  • Controls: Low Pass, Level, Mix, High Pass, Level Clean
  • Connectors: LP Return, LP Send, HP Return, HP Send
  • Fuels switch: LP Loop, Activate, HP Loop
  • Mini Switch: LP Cut/ Main Phase/ HP Cut
  • Independent 12db/oct. variable cut-off frequency. High/low pass filters
  • Separate, switchable FX loops for each filter
  • Internal controls for impedance adjustment
  • Phase rotator
  • Effects path: 2x send return (HP/ LP)
  • 14 dB boost through active volume control
  • Internal 18V power supply for maximum headroom
  • Size: 146 x 121 x 60mm
  • Weight: approx. 100g
  • Made in Germany
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