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Rodenberg Custom ...

Rodenberg Custom ... Killmister

Auto Kill Switch
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Edward van Halen (†2020) was one of the first to use the effect, in 1978 on the song "You really got me". At first, the staccato fire was realised via the guitar's toggle. Later, some companies put a button, called a killswich, on the guitar to manually interrupt the signal. The German boutique manufacturer Rodenberg Amplification recently came up with the idea of incorporating such a feature into a mini pedal.
Planned as a fun pedal, the KILLMISTER has developed into a series model. From manual operation (level 1) to automatic machine gun fire (keep button pressed - level 8). This is not just a simple, crazy effect pedal. The KILLMISTER can also be integrated into the complete song. Stuttering rhythm sounds and screaming solos with automatic kill effect are no problem. This is not a tremolo effect, but a real kill break against ground. The KILLMISTER can be inserted anywhere in the signal chain, before the amp as a hard kill, or in the loop-in path as a hard kill with reduced switching noise. The red status LED lights up in the kill cycle.
"The Killmister comes in a Mini XS housing with a classy look and KILLER instinct!", says the manufacturer.
  • Construction: Analogue mono
  • Controls: Slow-Fast
  • Footswitch: 1
  • True Bypass
  • Power supply: 9-18V-DC mains adapter (not included)
  • Battery operation not possible
  • Handmade in Germany
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