Marshall GV-2 Guv'nor Plus The fat, aggressive sound of the original Marshall Guv'nor pedal is so popular among live and studio musicians alike that Jim Marshall decided to present the classic as a revised new development. Of course, the Guv'nor II also brings the typical "Marshall Brown Sound" of the JCM800 era. Compared to its predecessor, the Guv'nor Plus offers an extended gain range. So besides the popular Guv'nor sounds, this pedal offers even more gain reserves. Also new with the GV2 is Marshall's popular "Deep" control - so a whole four bands are available for sound processing.
  • Bandwidth from overdrive to distortion
  • extra wide gain control
  • Bass & Deep control
  • Mid control
  • unique: Contour Frequency control - making Contour semi-parametric
  • sturdy metal housing
  • 9V block battery compartment
  • power supply connection socket with reverse polarity protection
  • true bypass circuit for unaltered original signal
  • current consumption only 9mA
  • weight only 510 g
  • compatible with common pedalboards (e. g. "Boss".e.g. "Boss")
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