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Fulltone 70's Pedal

Fuzz pedal
The 70's pedal is a replica of the Dallas Worker Fuzz Face, which was built with silicon transistors (type: BC-108C) from around 1970. This makes the fuzz sound harder and more cutting. The germanium version sounds much warmer and more mid-range. The present version was created after Michael Fuller had Eric Johnson's blue Fuzz Face, which he used on the albums "Tones" and "A Via Musicom", in his workshop for some time and after thorough analysis was able to adopt some of the circuitry's special features. A new trimpot inside now additionally controls the bass range.
  • In smaller (OCD size) cabinet
  • classic 70 fuzz sound
  • controls for volume, fuzz and mid
  • internal trimpot for bass
  • 9VDC power supply operation (otional)
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