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Boss DS-1w Waza Distortion

Distortion Pedal
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The DS-1 distortion pedal has been around since 1978. That's a damn long time. But of course there are reasons for that. For one thing, Boss is a brand that grants many models a long life. What has stood the test of time is worth preserving, a virtue in this day and age. On the other hand, many of the coloured stompboxes enjoy unbridled popularity among musicians. The DS-1 is an example of this: the distortion moves between aggressive fuzz and creamy overdrive and closed the gap between the Rat *) and the OD-1 (1977).
The DS-1 has a lot to offer in the overtone range, which is particularly suitable for overdriving tubes that are slightly saturated. The tone control plays an essential role here, as it works almost like an interactive tone control, not just as a filter. When turned to the right, the treble is boosted and the low-mids are slightly lowered. If you are looking for an official rock sound, the DS-1 is still a recommendation.
With the DS-1W, the legendary pedal joins other BOSS classics in the Waza Craft series. With its two modes and discrete, all-analog circuit design, the DS-1W expands the DS-1's capabilities for a wider range of styles and uses. In Standard mode, users will find the precise, edgy sound and singing sustain of the original pedal. Once you switch to Custom mode, a fatter sound awaits, taking the DS-1's character into an expanded dimension. The sound becomes denser and more mid-emphasised, giving it more fullness and contour. The input sensitivity increases, which in the end means more dynamics in terms of attack and guitar output.
The Japanese term "Waza" stands for "art and technology" - a fitting symbol for the Special Edition pedals as the spearhead of modern BOSS development and craftsmanship.
Construction: analogue, mono
Mini switch: S/C
solid metal housing
power supply: 9V-block, mains adapter (not included)
Power consumption: 10mA
Operating time with alkaline battery: approx. 80h
Dimensions: 129 x 73 x 59mm
Weight: 450 g (incl. battery)
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