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Strymon Deco V2

Tape Echo / Tape Delay
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Strymon has followed suit and released a whole series of popular pedals as V2 versions. On the hardware side, they have upgraded: Mono stereo is now switchable and a USB-C socket is installed as standard on all V2 pedals. The EXP jack can be switched to MIDI processing.
Tape echo simulations are always a topic of discussion in the guitarist community. What was developed experimentally by the studio pioneers of the 50s and 60s was soon to turn out to be ballast in everyday stage life. Clunky devices that were susceptible to any influences of the hard daily touring routine, sensitive magnetic tape loops that were subject to a high degree of wear, fragile constructions with several tone heads, synchronisation fluctuations of the motors and much more made life difficult for the musicians. Soon electronic, and later even digital solutions were found. The old tape echoes disappeared.  
But shortly afterwards, the first artists came forward who wanted exactly what was no longer available: that sound with all its shortcomings. It is part of the zigzag movements of technical evolution that tinkerers now set about developing devices that would simulate the old darlings.  
With the Deco, noble manufacturer Strymon has created a pedal that comprehensively reproduces the functioning of analogue magnetic tape technology. Digitally, it creates a whole palette of psychedelic effects that 50 years ago could only be produced by two tape machines running in parallel. Moreover, subtle alienations are no problem for the pedal. From slightly distorted slapback echoes to phase-shifted modulations to vain tape echoes, the user who likes to experiment can explore all kinds of possibilities. Version 2 now comes with a completely new cassette tape voicing that uses an Auto Level Control (ALC) processor common to many high-end cassette recorders. Tape saturation can be controlled via the tone knob.
  • Construction: Digital Stereo
  • Controls: Saturation, Volume, Tone, Blend, LAG Time, Wobble
  • Mini-switches: 2 (Voice, Type)
  • Voices: Classic/ Casette
  • Type: Sum/ Invert/ Bounce
  • Footswitch: 2 (Tape Saturation, Doubletracker)
  • Connections: Stereo input and output, USB-C, EXP/MIDI switchable, mains connection
  • True bypass or buffered bypass
  • Power supply: 9V-DC power supply, (-) inside
  • Power consumption: approx. 250mA
  • dimensions: 102 x 118 x 64mm
  • incl. power supply
  • Made in USA
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