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G-Lab SD1 Smooth Delay

Delay / Pedal
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The Smooth Delay SD-1 is a traditional delay with MAX ANALOG technology applied. The analogue voice circuit (adjustable attenuation of high and low frequencies) and SMOOTH function allow you to emulate the sound of classic analogue and tape echoes. Backlit footswitches and TAP TEMPO function provide easy control on stage. In addition, there is the possibility to recall the effects via MIDI.
The pedal has a CTRL OUT output that allows the DUAL REVERB (G LAB DR-3/2, DR) to be controlled via MIDI messages or via the SD-1's ON/OFF switch. Two modes are available for turning off the effect. ~ In HARD mode, the switch-off is immediate with muting of repeats. In SOFT mode, repeats of previously played notes sound until the end.
The SD-1 is a professional echo effect with a noiseless true bypass switch and with the ability to adjust the effect to the signal level. The level control of the input gain signal avoids distortion and hum, especially at the effect path of the amplifier where different signal levels are present. When the overdriven amp channel is used, connecting the SD-1 to the amp effect path brings the best sound. The pedal can be connected to both the serial and parallel effect paths (using the KILL DRY function).
  • Construction: Analogue mono
  • Controls: Feedback, Bass, Treble, Time, Level,
  • Slide switch: Smooth, Freq, Range, Off Mode, Mode, Kill dry (back)
  • Recessed controls: Peak, Activ, Time
  • Footswitch: Effect, Tap Tempo
  • Connectors: In, Out, CRTL Out, Midi In/Thru, mains connection
  • Further controls and mini-switches on the sides: Effect Level, Input Gain, DS 1/2, Midi Channel
  • Power consumption: 100mA
  • Power supply: 9V mains adapter (-) inside
  • Dimensions: 145 x 120 x 65mm
  • Weight: 650g
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