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Echo/delay pedal with max. 6.4 sec. Delay time
The BOSS digital delay with the practical features:Up to 6.4 sec delay time, reverse echo, modulation echo with chorus, modelling of the famous analogue delay BOSS DM-2 from 1981 for lively retro sounds, incredible 40-second looper with overdubs on board (!), tap tempo via external footswitch BOSS FS-5U or internal footswitch, continuously adjustable echo time (or echo portion or repeat) via expression pedal Roland EV-5, stereo inputs and outputs for 8 different wiring possibilities and a multitude of applications!
  • Maximum delay time 6.4 seconds
  • Looper function with 40 seconds recording time and endless overdubs
  • Modulation echo with chorus
  • Precise modelling of the famous Boss pedal DM-2 "Analog Delay" from 1981 - the echo repetitions become duller and change, "bubble sounds" possible by playing the knobs like the original (effect level and feedback at maximum, twisting the echo time for retro sounds),
  • Output in stereo or as ping-pong delay possible
  • TAP TEMPO with internal foot switch (hold 2 seconds for tempo mode)
  • Stereo inputs and outputs for a variety of wiring options:
  • Normal mono echo: Input A, Output A
  • NEW! Echo only output (for loop-in path): Input B, Output A
  • Ping-pong delay (panning delay): Input A, Output A+B
  • Separate output (effect & direct): Input B, Output A (effect) +B (direct)
  • 3 modes for stereo instruments: Input A+B, Output A+B
  • MODE 1: Normal (Input left /Output left, Input right / Output right)
  • MODE 2: Ping-Pong (Panning Delay)
  • MODE 3: Overlay of the two inputs for a reverb-like echo
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