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EBS MultiComp Blue Label

Bass Compressor / Pedal
The Multicomp by EBS is one of the very first pedals with which the Swedish manufacturer made a name for itself many years ago. Starting from the fact that the bass is one of the most dynamic instruments, which is problematic for some song material and players, the Swedes designed a pedal that, unlike various devices for guitarists, should be used less as an effect but actually for dynamic processing. As in the studio, it is often important for bassists that the compressor is not really noticeable.
With the Blue Label MultiComp, the classic receives an innovation that allows it to intervene even more subtly in the sound. The Sense control sets the threshold value or sensitivity at which the compressor reacts. In this way, the effect can be optimally adapted to the output of your own instrument. The middle position corresponds to the factory setting of the predecessor.
Further functions include three modes (TubeSIM, Multi-Band and Normal) and internal controls for adjusting the balance between the bands.
  • Dual-Band Compressor
  • Mode: analog
  • Controls: Comp, Sens, Gain
  • Mini Switch: Mode
  • Modes: Tubesim, MB, Normal
  • Relay-based footswitch
  • Nominal input level: -10 or -4 dBv
  • Input impedance: 1.8 MOhm
  • Bandwidth + 0 / -3 dB: 20 ??- 20 kHz
  • Distortion range: 0 - 15 dB (make-up)
  • Compressor ratio min / max: 1: 1 - 5: 1
  • Sensitivity range (threshold): -25 - +6 dB
  • Attack time (80%): <10 ms
  • Release time (80%): typ. 100 ms
  • Power supply: Mains adapter 9-18V
  • Power consumption: 45mA
  • Dimensions W x H x D: 67 x 115 x 48 mm
  • Weight: 315 g
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