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Effects units are an integral part of the equipment of bassists and guitarists. Whether as a multi- or single-effect, whether as a stompbox, in rack format or as a desktop variant, effect units come in a wide variety of designs. The variety of sounds is almost endless. Distortion sounds, overtone modulations such as chorus, flanger and phaser effects, all kinds of room simulations and echoes, even special effects such as wah, loop, ring modulation, tremolo, vibrato and more are indispensable in the effects chains of musicians of all genres. In addition to traditional brands such as Boss, Roland, Electro Harmonix, MXR, Dunlop, Ernie Ball, Ibanez, Digitech, Morley or TC Electronics, so-called boutique effects, some of which are handmade by young tinkerers, are currently enjoying great popularity. Brands like KMA, Walruss, Darkglass Electronics, Okko, EarthQuaker, Keeley, Fulltone, Friedmann, Headrush are just a few of the many names that are always present at JustMusic.