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Folk & Bluegrass instruments

Back to the roots.

Lapsteel, resonator guitar, mandolin, banjo and Irish bouzouki are typical folk and bluegrass instruments. They shape the sound of traditional European and American music. American roots music lives from the sound of the 5-string banjo, the 4-string tenor banjo and the Irish bouzouki shape the sound of Celtic and Irish folk. Bluegrass doesn't sound the same without a resonator guitar played with a slide or a bottleneck or a mandolin. The sound of these instruments is associated with music that touches us and has accompanied us for centuries. Oriental music lives from the sound of the oud, the saz and the baglama. In Latin American music, instruments such as the cuatro, trés cubano and charango shape the typical sound of traditional music. JustMusic offers a wide range of these traditional instruments from renowned manufacturers such as Gretsch, Epiphone, Ortega and Fender.