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Ibanez Genesis Collection is reminiscent of the first "shredder" guitars of the 80s, when a new generation of guitarists, above all Steve Vay and Joe Satriani, set out to redefine the electric guitar. Since then, the RG models have been an integral part of the company's product range and have enjoyed unbroken popularity, regardless of all trends to the contrary.The necks are slim, the fingerboards wide, just right for finger acrobatics. The body shaping, which corresponds to the modern St type, guarantees excellent ballance and optimum playing comfort. Since Ibanaez further developed the Floyd Rose tremolo, which was pioneering at the time, with several patents, modern guitarists know no tuning problems. Excessive string tension, divebombing from the basement up to three or four semitones upwards are no challenge for the Edge Vibrato.In terms of sound, the RG serves overdrive and hi gain in particular, although excursions into clean realms with crisp overtones can be completed without problems, especially in the intermediate positions.
  • Body: basswood
  • Neck: Super Wizard HP 5-piece, maple/walnut
  • Fingerboard: Granadillo, Shark inlays
  • Frets: 24 jumbo frets w/Prestige fret edge treatment
  • Scale: 648mm
  • Suspension:Ibanez V7
  • Midrange pickup: Ibanez S1
  • Bridge pickup: Ibanez V8
  • Controls: Tone, Volume
  • Circuitry: 5-way
  • Hardware colour: Black
  • Bridge Edge tremolo bridge
  • Colour: Laser Blue
  • Made in Japan
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