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Paul. Les Paul.

Electric guitars are the result of decades of effort to make the guitar louder and more assertive. In the big bands of the swing era, the instrument was simply too quiet and was limited to pure rhythm work. In 1930, Adolph Rickenbacher, founder of the Rickenbacker company, invented the electric pickup. In 1950, Leo Fender screwed a pickup onto a board guitar without a resonator body and wrote music history. The Gibson company brought the Les Paul of the inventor and jazz musician Lester Polfuss to market maturity in 1952.Currently, there is an almost immense variety of designs, sound characteristics and brands of electric guitars. The spectrum ranges from archtops and semi-acoustic guitars to solid bodies. Names like Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Rickenbacker and Höfner are among the classics of the genre today. Ibanez, Paul Reed Smith, Jackson, Charvel, ESP, Music Man, Yamaha followed suit and came up with partly groundbreaking innovations. Comparatively small companies like Haar, Maybach, Suhr, Hagström, Duesenberg, Schecter, Mayones, Eastman, D'Angelico and others creatively implement traditional construction methods and interpret the topic of electric guitars in their own way. JustMusic feels equally committed to all groupings and always keeps a large selection of electric guitars on hand.