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Engl Ironball Head E606SE Special Edition

Guitar Amplifier / Top Full Tube
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The Engl Ironball E606 has been around for a few years now and recently got more than just a face-lifted extension with the Special Edition. The heart of the sound is a tube power amp with two EL-84s, which is supplied with the necessary preamplifier power by four ECC83s. Some might think that 20 watts is not exactly ample, but with a 2x12, or even better a 4x12, ideally equipped with Vintage 30 speakers, you can easily keep the drummer in check in the rehearsal room. With the increasing popularity of in-ear monitoring, the volume levels even on medium and large stages have become much more civilised than they were a few years ago.
For completely silent playing and feeding directly into the console, the amp has a frequency-corrected XLR-out and also has a power soak to protect the output stage. 20, 5, 1 Watt and Speaker off are the switching options via a rotary control on the back of the enclosure.
It gets really interesting when you look at the integrated effects section, which is based on a contemporary digital design. A delay and a reverb are integrated, whose parameters can also be set on the back. As the unit has not been forgotten to be Midi controllable, it is recommended to use an appropriate control pedal for live use. If the user doesn't like the on-board amp sounds, there is also the option of loading your own files into a total of seven memory locations via IR technology (Impulse Response), another step by the manufacturer towards new modernity. Finally, there is the noise gate, which already performed excellently 20 years ago in the second Powerball. There is nothing to complain about here.
The Ironball in its Special Edition is a true Engl in terms of sound, despite (or because of) the innovative features. The tube sound comes across creamy, as we already know it from the Savage and Richie Blackmore amps of the 90s. With a little cranking of the controls, this little guy can also do metal. Of course, its strengths lie in classic rock and hard rock of the 80s and 90s. Even a top-40 player should be well served by the amp's potential.


  • Power: 20 Watt solid tube
  • Impedance: 8/ 16 Ohm
  • 2 x EL84, 4 x ECC83
  • 2 channels
  • Power Soak 20/ 5/ 1/ 0 Watt
  • Controls: Clean Gain, Lead Gain, Bass, Middle, Trble, Lead Pesence, Lead Volume, Master
  • Rear controls: Headphones Level, Reverb Level, Delay Level, Noisegate Treshhold
  • Switches: On/Off, Standby, Store, M.V.B. (Master Volume Boost), Reverb, Delay, Gain Boost, Clean/Lead, FX Loop, Noisegate, XLR Ground Lift, IR Balanced Pre/Post, Phantom Power, Power Soak 4-way rotary switch, IR Select 8-way rotary switch
  • Effect path: Serial
  • Connections: Input, FX Loop Send/ Return, XLR Bal. Out, headphone jack, USB, Midi In, FS In, Speaker out, mains connection
  • Dimensions: 34 x 14 x 22 cm
  • Weight: 7 kg
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8 Ohm
20 Watt

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7 kg


Electric Guitar Top Part Tube

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