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E-guitar amplifier

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E-guitars only become audible through a guitar amplifier. The instrument is connected to the amplifier via cable or radio. The special requirements of electric stringed instruments brought about a specialisation of amplifier technology as early as the 1950s. The first amps came from guitar manufacturers such as Fender or Gibson, but also from organ manufacturers such as VOX, and were based on tube technology. Jim Marshall revolutionised the sound of electric guitars in the 60s with his tops and combos. Soon, smaller and above all inexpensive transistor amplifiers conquered the rehearsal rooms and stages. Digitalisation did not stop at amplifier technology. So-called modelling and profiler amps have long since achieved professional status. Brands like Line 6, Kemper, Roland, Positive Grid, Boss or Yamaha stand for innovation and sound quality. But the Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Engl, Randall, Dietzel, Blackstar and others are also part of the JustMusic programme. Names like Hughes&Kettner, Friedmann, Suhr, Koch, Peavey or Victory expand the spectrum significantly. Traditional companies such as Fender, VOX, Orange, Peavey or Laney once again show the whole variety to be admired at Justmusic.