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Already in the early 1950s, Leo Fender had developed the Fender Bassman together with the Fender Precision Bass to provide bassists with a practicable bass amplifier.Manufacturers such as Ampeg, Vox, Sunn or Gallien Krueger followed suit and improved the technology of bass amplifiers step by step.The golden era of rock in the 1960s and 70s and ever larger outdoor festivals and world tours led to an arms race in amplifier performance and the development of ever more powerful amplifiers and cabinets such as the famous Ampeg SVT with its 8x10 "refrigerator" or the Acoustic 360/ 361 stack.While all these amplifiers were still based on tube technology, from the late 1960s onwards amplifiers with transistor technology from companies such as Vox, Kustom or the Acoustic Control Corporation became increasingly popular and technically mature. These have the advantage of being lighter and often cheaper, and also require less maintenance than tube amps.Today, the trend is towards compact and lightweight bass amps and cabinets from manufacturers such as Phil Jones Bass, Warwick, Markbass or Blackstar. In the meantime, the modelling concept has also found its way into the world of bass amplification and manufacturers such as Darkglass or TC Electronic stand for innovation and sound diversity.Meanwhile, traditional brands such as Fender, Ampeg, Gallien Krueger or Mesa/Boogie continue to serve the wishes of all bass players who prefer a traditional sound.

Of course, you will find the whole variety of transistor, tube or hybrid tops and combos for the electric bass guitar in the JustMusic range.