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The modern concert guitar originated in its present form in Spain in the middle of the 19th century and is therefore also called the Spanish guitar. The modern concert guitar is not only at home in classical music and folk music. It also determines the sound of flamenco and Latin American music, such as bossa nova, samba and salsa. The concert guitar has always been an innovative instrument, so 8- and 10-string concert guitars are not uncommon, and the use of free-swinging bass strings or additional strings on the body is also not uncommon in concert guitars (aliquot guitar, strum guitar and harp guitar or harpguitar). This makes the concert guitar one of the most versatile instruments of all. The concert guitar is available in different sizes as student and youth guitars. From the 1/8 guitar for the youngest, to the 7/8 guitar for teenagers, to the 4/4 guitar, the full instrument for adults. This makes the concert guitar the first choice as an instrument for learning to play the guitar to this day. Equipped with a pickup, the concert guitar also asserts itself in a band and shapes the sound of countless songs with its typical sound. JustMusic offers concert guitars in every size and quality: from the first guitar for guitar students to the master instrument for professional use. Here you will find concert guitars from well-known manufacturers such as Alhambra, Alvarez, Ortega and Ramirez as well as fine instruments from boutique manufacturers such as Hermanos Sanchiz Lopez or Bernabe.