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Acoustic guitar amplifier

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In order to keep up with the other instruments in a band, the acoustic guitar needs an amplifier. However, it needs a special acoustic guitar amplifier to reproduce its frequency spectrum perfectly. In contrast to an amplifier for electric guitars, an acoustic guitar amplifier often has a tweeter in addition to the actual loudspeaker. Acoustic guitar amplifiers often have at least two channels. One channel for the guitar and a second for a vocal microphone. This means that an acoustic amplifier can often replace the vocal system in the practice room or be used as a PA on smaller stages. Effects are also almost always on board. Mostly a reverb, but also chorus and delay are often included. Acoustic guitar amplifiers are available for a wide variety of purposes. From battery-powered amplifiers for street music, like the Roland Cube Street and Cube Street EX or the Acus One For Street and the AER Compact Mobile, to amplifiers for the practice room or stage, like the Fishman Loudbox series, the Acus One series or AER's Alpha and Compact series, to modular amplifiers, like the Fishman SA300x with channel extension and subwoofer and the Acus Stage 350 with extension, subwoofer and foot switch. JustMusic offers a wide range of acoustic guitar amplifiers from leading manufacturers such as Acus, AER, Elite Acoustics, Fender, Fishman, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Laney, Roland and Schertler.